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What's a Hutnick?

I'm some guy who's interested in a lot of stuff, and has a need to foist all this junk on the internet at large.

Some of the stuff I've written might be marginally interesting. The mayhem section is basically abandoned, but might be amusing. I've been doing more carny stuff than anything lately. Oh, I'm particularly proud of this quiz that I made.

So, click around. Have a laugh. Whatever.

I make a t-shirt every day. Sometimes they're funny. Get the t-shirt feed.

The Free Curriculum Project One of my current projects is the Free Curriculum Project. It's slow going, but I have high hopes.

The Free Software Foundation GNU The Free Software Foundation is doing very important work for the future of computing and Freedom.

JPFO Stars and Stripes Star of David The JPFO is a fantastic organization. Please check them out. They want me to link to them with the phrase Jewish Firearms for some reason.

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